About CU Xpress Lease

  • Innovation: in-no-va-tion
  • Synonyms:  Modernization, Improvement, Advance
  • Definition:  The introduction of something new that has the power to change and improve.

If it were possible to sum up CU Xpress Lease in one word, it would be “Innovation”.  Improvement of an existing idea is what makes a great product soar and what this company is all about.

CU Xpress Lease, Inc.  was formed in 2007 to provide an alternative lease product for credit unions and their members.  Fusion Auto Finance, LLC. and GrooveCar, Inc.  joined together to create the next generation in credit union auto leasing.  Fusion and its affiliated companies bring decades of experience in auto remarketing and lease servicing.  GrooveCar brings the same level of experience in program development, relationship management, and marketing.  CU Xpress Lease, with offices in Hurst, Texas and Hauppauge, New York, has a team of over 30 men and women who are dedicated to meeting the needs of credit unions and their members.

Leasing has existed for decades with cycles of great success.  The key is to capture what elements make those periods successful and harness its power.  The success of CU Xpress Lease lies in the product DNA, our staff, and the infrastructure to execute.

It’s clear that leasing provides credit unions with tremendous opportunity.  CU Xpress Lease finally offers the reward without the risk, an innovation credit unions will surely appreciate.

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Questions? Contact Robert O'Hara at (631) 454-7500 x124, or rohara@groovecar.com